Dairy Processing

AFCO is your reliable partner when it comes to meeting the extensive requirements of modern industrial hygiene in the food and beverage industry. With our comprehensive range of high-performance cleaning products, we plan and develop hygiene concepts taking into account the operating situation, environmental aspects and the required hygiene status. This also includes individual hygiene training for employees in accordance with HACCP guidelines.

For the special cleaning requirements of the dairy processing industry, we have developed special products for the following areas:

  • Copper lined vats
  • Butter production
  • Cheese forms
  • curd processor
  • Schulenburg
  • Yoghurt preparation
  • Membrane cleaning

CIP CLEANING incl.membranes

Our team of CIP experts develops solutions tailored to the specific application to optimise CIP cleaning, ensure product safety, and meet the high-quality standards. By using our Smart Technologies, cleaning results can be verified in real time.

2.2.Foamed room Ausschnitt


From soft metal safe to disinfecting acid foam cleaners, we offer a wide range of products for foam cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Our products can be used in all stationary devices on site as well as in mobile foam units, have very good foaming properties and are easy to rinse off.



In the food processing industry, personal hygiene is crucial for the quality and safety of products. Clean working environments and hygienic working practices are essential to minimise the risk of contamination and protect consumer health. From washing hands regularly to wearing protective clothing and adhering to strict cleaning protocols, staff hygiene is paramount before, during and after the production of beverages and food.

AFCO offers a range of cleaning and sanitising products for all areas of personal hygiene:

  • Hygiene sluice
  • Hand cleaning
  • Hand disinfection