Wineries/ Wine Cellar Hygiene

SIMPLE - EFFICIENT, also for organic wines

Perfect cellar hygiene is the basis to produce pure wines. Our cleaning agents and disinfectants for the winery are characterised by high effectiveness, safety of use and environmental compatibility. Our products are certified organic and therefore suitable for use in organic and GMO-free agriculture. We carry out microbiological analyses and create cleaning plans for you in accordance with the HACCP concept.

LALLEMAND AUSTRIA is exclusive distributor of our products for wineries and fruit processing in Austria.



Products for removing tartar, internal and external cleaning of stainless-steel tanks, plastic containers, concrete cisterns etc.



Our 2-component cleaning guarantees perfectly cleaned harvesters and tractors



With our highly effective products, tried and tested for over 40 years, you have all cleaning tasks fully under control and ensure that your wines reach the customer unadulterated. This includes products for foam cleaning, basic cleaning, and daily disinfection cleaning of presses, rebers, harvesting equipment, pumps, pipes, sorting tapes, hoses, etc.



Powerful foam cleaning for all surfaces

From soft metal safe to disinfecting acid foam cleaners, we offer a wide range of products for foam cleaning and disinfection of surfaces. Our products can be used in all stationary devices on site as well as in mobile foam units, have very good foaming properties and are easy to rinse off.



Smooth barrique reconditioning with TM recond

TM RECOND clears the wood of the wine lees and lays pores open while considering maximum protection of the value-determinant substances.
Used wooden barrels for wine are usually cleaned with high pressure hot water. Even professional equipment can only remove approx.50% of the wine lees, which prevents the absorption of valuable substances from the wood. The regular use of the TM RECOND procedure (once a year) prevents the development of microbiological infections (Bretanomyces/Dekkera).