Research and Developement Centre AFCO Europe

AFCO has a long tradition of innovation. This has resulted in the launch of intelligent and easy-to-use inventions that satisfy our customers again and again, as well as numerous research awards confirm this.

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Consulting, Installation, Maintenance

Our experienced team of technicians will support you in all matters, from the planning and installation of pumping and dosing systems, through the maintenance of dosing technology, to the design of complete chemical rooms.

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We love to share our knowledge!

One of the key aspects of our philosophy is sharing our knowledge about background information and correct use of our products. We therefore offer training on the following topics:

  • training in proper handling of chemicals according to REACH guidelines 
  • General hygiene training including personnel hygiene
  • Training for service technicians of beverage dispensing systems
  • Expert lecture on modern cleaning technology
  • Hygiene training for wine manufacturers


In our in-house S2-certified development and analysis laboratory, we continuously develop new solutions for your production safety in accordance with the latest ISO 9001-2015 standards.

  • physical, chemical and microbiological analyses. We deliver precise analyzes and corresponding recommendations within a very short time
  • Hygiene monitoring using PCR analysis: within a few hours, contamination with microorganisms can be detected at any point of the production process.
  • R & D: in-house TECH- Centre for application-specific cleaning and disinfection trials and tests.
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